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The King’s Speech

Having dedicated my entire life to the art of story telling I have come to the conclusion that a successful creative process must involve equilibrium between metaphysical serendipity and a pragmatic work ethic. If this fails then just stick a ninja in it. Ninja’s are not only very cool, mysterious and deadly, but a great […]

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Beat Bop / Ramellzee & K-Rob

It must’ve been around 1985, possibly ’84. I was always allowed to open one small present on Christmas Eve so I chose the smallest one I could see. As I ripped off the wrapping I was elated to discover that Santa had brought the beats and I now owned a cassette copy of Street Sounds […]

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Passports, Pies & Windmills

I’ve been meaning to get my passport done for bloody ages and I still can’t believe it costs over £130 for the damn thing. Express service or not it seems a little bit excessive. Nevertheless I travelled to Victoria, handed over my cash, went through that moment of anxiety where you hope everything has been […]

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You Call This Reality?

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a paper and actually read some news for a change? Why are we still being inundated with tales of spoilt, status hungry, no talent, attention seeking celebrity brats throwing themselves into rehab due to the pressures of fame and inflicting their sob stories onto the headlines? Are we […]