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Emeralds / Does It Look Like I’m Here?

Somewhere in the not too distant future, within a deep, dark forest upon a far away mountain, a large egg shaped craft hovers above the ground, surrounded by a strange blue glow. Inside an electric wizard dressed in red with glistening crystals for eyes gently strokes various cubes of Perspex that change colour and emote […]

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Suggs & The City

Published in 2009, Suggs And The City: My Journeys Through A Disappearing London is the Madness front man’s heartfelt and informative ode to the city he knows and loves. Originally conceived as a spin off from his documentary TV series Disappearing London, it’s partially a memoir but mostly a sincere love letter to those hidden, […]

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“Goodnight world, you mother fucker.” Gene Hackman is Max Millan, an ex-convict determined to reach Pittsburgh with dreams of opening up his own his own carwash. Al Pacino is Francis Lionel “Lion” Delbuchi, a homeless sailor hoping to be reunited with the wife and child he previously walked out on. After a chance meeting they […]

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Chicken Broccoli & Banana Bread

Growing up during the eighties in West Harrow I remember everything being particularly brown. From the curtains to the carpet to the dartboard nailed to the wall encased in a small cabinet made from the finest chipboard and MDF. The food was of no exception. My mum wasn’t what you might call a “foodie” and […]