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Snuff Box

“No cigarette smoke in here, Berry. You know the rules.” “Get fucked.” “Well I never.” “Well may be you should while it still works.” “What’s the matter with you?” “Nothing, I’m as happy as a man with tits in his hat.” Welcome to world of Snuff Box, an incredibly twisted one at that. Created by […]

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Heartbreak Soup: A Love & Rockets Book / Gilbert Hernandez

HEARTBREAK SOUP: A LOVE AND ROCKETS BOOK / GILBERT HERNANDEZ Ever since brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez decided to self publish their own comic book back in 1982, Love And Rockets has gained the legendary status of being the quintessential underground/alternative comic. Reflecting the experience of Latin Americans and catering for a mainly Chicano audience, […]

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My Winnipeg

“What’s a city without its ghosts?” Canadian director Guy Maddin first made a name for himself in the early nineties with his German expressionist pastiche Careful. The story of whispering Alpine villagers living in fear of an avalanche and their repressed, incestuous emotions soon gained a small but faithful cult following. In 2002 and 2003 […]