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The King’s Ginger

The King’s Ginger is a curious spirit. Formulated by Berry Bros & Rudd in 1903 by request of King Edward VII’s physician, who was concerned that driving a “horseless carriage” could have an adverse effect on the King’s health, it’s a unique and potent ginger liqueur with near mythical status. It’s not the easiest thing […]

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A lot of films these days attempt to draw you in with a hyped concept that never lives up to expectations, consistent in only delivering disappointment, clinging to the threads of gimmickry. Helvetica is the exact opposite. What initially may seem like an extremely dull subject soon transpires into an enlightening and oddly captivating story […]

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The 18 Jade Claws Of Shaolin

The 18 Jade Claws Of Shaolin has everything you’d want from a 1970’s martial arts flick. Garish, tripped out film sets, dramatic close ups, hilarious dubbing, a screeching soundtrack, strange special effects, chainsaw editing, immaculately choreographed fight scenes, a plethora of demented assassins and a weird guy with a long white beard and a sinister […]

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Fup / Jim Dodge

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Fup. Meet Grandaddy Jake Santee who believes that the secret to immortality lies within the recipe for Ol’ Death Whisper, a lethal, psychotic brew of moonshine whisky that he procured from a dying Indian. Get to know his adopted grandson Tiny, a mountain of a man obsessed […]