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The Tarnished Angels

“I’ve got the story. I’ve got it in my aching heart. Do want to know how I got it? By crawling through the dirt and filth and muck and smut. By finding truth and beauty where you’d never expect to find it.” – Burke Devlin (Rock Hudson). Published in 1935 – and sandwiched in between […]

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Strange Detectives Top Five

1) The Long Goodbye (1973) In certain respects Robert Altman’s neo-noir The Long Goodbye is an extremely faithful screen adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel. There’s the creepy, brooding sense of melancholia and doom, sadistic bad guys, sudden, shocking violence and a serpentine plot steeped in seediness, corruption, paranoia and betrayal. But then Altman chose to […]

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Beatnik Film Stars: The Beat Generation on Screen

The original Beats were obsessed with the power of the written word and had very little time for the moving image. However, its three main figureheads, authors Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and Allan Ginsberg, have inspired and influenced generations of filmmakers. Their non-conformist lifestyles and groundbreaking approach to creativity has never been an easy thing […]

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The Films of Jim Jarmusch

“It isn’t auteur theory bullshit.” – Jim Jarmusch in conversation with Tom Waits. It was during the summer of 1990 that BBC2, one late Sunday night, decided to broadcast Down by Law (1986) as part of the third series of Moviedrome, the now legendary cult movie season hosted by director Alex Cox between 1987-1994. I […]